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About KK

Name:KK Let It RIP!
Real Name:Kaolin Rowl
Species:Take a good guess
Emotion for FF7:Final Fantasy VII means a lot to me as it hit me at the right time in my life, I've played a lot of good and even great games in my time on most Consoles, however Final Fantasy VII is without doubt the best. Having played it from 1997-1999 I've always been in love with it since, hence the reason I'm devoting a fair part of this site to it. The storyline, the length, the beautiful characters, the scenery, and the music all combined to give it all out epicness. The game put me through every emotion possible whilst playing, it drew me in and got me very involved with what was happening, not a lot of games have that effect on me, and none effect me as deeply as FFVII did and does. I'm proud to be doing this biography on it, it will forever hold a place in my heart, long live Final Fantasy VII.
Quote:(Best Suited)“Well you say?”
Favorite MF:VII...

KK Let It RIP!'s Journal

February 3,2006:Guess what?We just got a few sentences done!Squee!

Anyways,we got the boxart colored and finished.Later.


January 19,2006:YES!We moved to Tripod after sucky HTML at!I can gladly write my journal now.

NO MORE EMAILS ABOUT MARIO FANTASY 8!I can’t answer so many questions.I could answer a few,but then it’s no.And,no more swearing about the series.Please.Thank you,